Monday, November 28, 2022
5 Period Hacks That Can Help The Girls Breathe Easier.

Every single girl in this universe (it’s not an exaggeration, trust me) has their own periods at the age of 13, or some even younger. Well, there are a few exceptions with certain medical conditions that disturb their menstrual cycle, but every other girl experienced it at least once a month. It’s a good thing, they say, as it allows your body to get rid of tissues that your body no longer needs. For some younger girls, it’s relieving because it means that they are not pregnant after intimate activities. 

Nevertheless, a lot of girls can agree that having periods is a hassle. Reason number one, there are period cramps which make their daily routine affected. Some even have to take a medical leave for classes or work due to the intense pain. The second reason is that periods are a nightmare for those wearing white jeans or clothes. The stains are hard to remove and it doesn’t work if you do it wrong. For example, you would think that washing the blood stains with hot water is the ideal way to remove them fast. However, the hot water messes with the particles of the material and actually makes it harder to remove. So, you have to wash them using cold water and rinse them thoroughly. See how complicated it is? 

Worry not, however, because dealing with these for many years makes girls smarter at handling the troubles that come with their periods. Here are the 5 period hacks that can help the girls breathe easier.

Have Spare Panties and Pads Anywhere You Can Reach Easily.

This tip can be considered common sense for the ladies. If you are not the type to plan or notice the pattern of your period, having it unexpectedly is a nasty surprise. Sometimes girls who work in the office for long hours have it bad because they sit on their chair all day and only realise they were indeed having a period when they stand up and the blood was all over the chair. We’re not at the worst part yet, because it gets worse when they realise that they have no spare panties and pads. That was embarrassing and can be avoided if they keep some spare panties and pads (or tampons) in their pouch and handbags. It’s good to be prepared because it might not happen to you but perhaps someone close to you like your colleagues or sisters. 

Worry Not, Meat Tenderizer Is A Solution.

As strange as it sounds, meat tenderizer is a good way to remove blood stains from clothes. Sometimes just rubbing them as hard as you can with cold water might not work, and isn’t that just annoying? Instead of pulling your hair and crying out in frustration, dump some meat tenderizer on them and boom, problem solved! The best way to use it is make a paste of it using cold water, put them on the clothes and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing. The reason why meat tenderizer is helpful in this case is because it breaks down proteins and hence, is an effective blood removal.

Say Goodbye to Coffee.

Here comes bad news to the coffee lovers. It is advisable that you reduce your intake of coffee during your periods because it makes period cramps worse. Why make your life harder by ignoring this and drinking your 5 cups-a-day coffee? It’s understandable that periods make us more tired and sleepy during the day. Usually, a cup ( let’s make it three ) of steaming hot coffee is heavenly and enough for us to function during the working hours. However, you gotta know when to fold, girls. A health expert confirmed that drinking coffee during your periods increases the cramps and causes your blood vessels to narrow, which makes your period cramps way worse than it should be. Thus, let go of your caffeine obsession for a short while and go for drinks without caffeine.

Dress Moderately.

Maybe the idea of wearing your usual tight jeans is a big no no. Dressing moderately means no white jeans or tops, no tight jeans or leggings and no belts. Let’s try to make it easier for your bloated tummy, alright? Perhaps it’s time for you to try on some cute dress or comfortable sweatpants that are still acceptable for work (try not to get in trouble at work too, girls). Most importantly, you are allowed to dress nicely so that you will still be confident to go through your daily lives. Just be smart about it and match your loose tops or dress with cute accessories and fancy makeup. Being in periods doesn’t make it appropriate for you to dress badly and reduces your confidence level. Don’t let it limit your fashion and go explore more suitable styles for the dresses. If you are clueless and have no idea where to even begin, try checking out some fashion magazines or tutorials on Youtube. You go, girl!

Go Traditional.

The traditional method might no longer be used as commonly by girls from decades ago, but some of them actually stay in this modern era due to our moms and aunties. Especially for the girls living with their mom or aunty, you cannot deny how much they nag about taking care of yourself during your periods. There’s always a traditional solution they want you to try to alleviate the pain of period cramps such as massage and herbal tea. One of the easiest traditional ways we can follow is by boiling ginger in your mint or lemon tea. Trust me, it’s simple and doesn’t take long. Get some ginger at the store (just Google if you don’t know what it looks like), peel some and cut them into small pieces. Then simply boil them inside your tea for a few minutes. Drink them a few times a day and your cramps will feel better fast.

Final Words.

In conclusion, periods are a common hassle for the girls. However, that doesn’t mean a few tricks and tips to make them easier should be ignored. As the idiom goes, beggars can’t be choosers. Blood stains and period cramps are not easy to handle, but what choice do we have except to brace ourselves and learn about some traditional method or some tips to remove blood stains in order to ease our lives?