Monday, November 28, 2022
Build Efficient Progressive Web App
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The loading part will not seem so scary especially when uncertainty happens like the network getting interrupted by the weather and other uncertainties. Many web apps tend to fail at the part of having a smoother loading experience when their page are having image, animation and videos. This is the part when “jamming” occurs.

Is important for an app to gives off an engaging vibe, don’t make it appeared like in a rush to people when they first visit, this is a big NO.

First, focus on designing the app icon. This is the first impression you give out to people when they see your apps appeared in the AppStore or Google PlayStore. Different platform has its own goals and desire, but be mindful not to “complicated” your icon.

To make it look more professional, it is better to make the same icon for both Android and IOS. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are also using the same design for both versions. Their searching style are also consistent as well.

In addition, people will not get confuse of the platform pattern. Oh, watch out the size of the icon, make sure the design fitted the image and word if are having one.

On internet, there are different types of SEO, some are using Blackhat, and some are using Whitehat method.

Next, simplify the motion in your apps. Yes, it looks more interesting to involve different type of motion graphics in your apps but it will become a risk as it causes “lagging” problem.

Improve the conversions as it has the ability to deliver a better user experience by improving the conversions for the potential new users. At the end, reliable and efficient is what really matters.

To conclude, mobile devices almost took over the digital market and has a huge impact on the web’s traffic. Therefore, it is important to be have good Web Design Malaysia quality and flexible internet connection. Oh and, make sure your apps are always up-to-date.

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