Saturday, January 28, 2023
Food You Can Offer to Your Girlfriends When You Have A Fight.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but let’s not stick to gender stereotypes. Who said it only works for the guys? It works just as fine for the girls. Do you know that girls feel more emotional when they are hungry? They love food more than everything and you can see that their moods improve once they have eaten. This is also the reason why a girl is the better cook in the relationship. They love eating and criticising food just as they love being all pretty and cute. Girls posted about food aesthetics and basically just whatever they eat on Instagram. Isn’t this enough to show a girl’s love for food in general? Besides, do you notice how there are many female Youtubers who do “mukbang” or eating shows? Some of these food fighters are able to eat more portions of food man can handle. 

Let’s say you have a big fight with your girlfriend, worry not as you can offer these food they definitely will love as peace offerings. 


The top item on the list is unsurprisingly chocolate, the king of food girls love all the time. Don’t give them to your partner only during Valentine’s Day, but just give them often as it will improve their mood immediately. There’s many types of chocolates out there that taste different. Some girls prefer sweet chocolate and some might prefer those that taste slightly bitter. No matter their age, chocolate is always a good choice for gifts especially when they are wrapped up all pretty. Giving this to your girlfriend when they are mad guarantees you a 100% rate of success to get back together. It’s also very heart-touching to give your sister a few bars of chocolates when she’s studying or for your Mom during Mother’s day.


Many people dislike sushi because of its raw flavor, but girls love them. Probably because of the variety of seafood and different preference to flavor as they like the taste of this Japanese food. Some girls like sushi because they can show off their chopstick skills to their friends. Thus, a meal at the nearest sushi parlor could be the solution to your fight with your girlfriend.


Who doesn’t love popcorn? This snack is perfect for evening tea or when you are watching movies. It almost feels incomplete when you don’t have popcorn for movies. There’s many types of popcorns now, you can have the caramel flavored, the classic butter and salt, kettle corn and regular cheddar. While offering your girlfriend the popcorn, propose to watch a post-apocalypse themed movie together and boom, suddenly everything will be like normal and she will act like nothing has ever happened.  


Beside the kids, you should also know how many girls have a sweet tooth. They love munching on candies whenever they are hungry, whenever they don’t have anything to do or whenever they feel sleepy. The assortment of colors and flavors of the candies attracted the attention of many girls. Do you know that girls also love to buy as many candies as they can at one time and keep them in their rooms like at their bedside, on their cupboards and even in their handbags? It’s almost like they have an unlimited stock of candies wherever they go. There are even lots of events for couples where they can learn how to make candies together and give them to each other.


A lot of girls love baking, so is it a surprise that they love cupcakes? It is so fun to learn how to make cupcakes from the beginning and being able to make a perfect set of cupcakes could bring them to tears of joy. Moreover, girls love baking because a lot of them learn how to bake with their mothers and they spend a lot of quality time together by baking. Cupcakes are also a great snack to enjoy with your partner as it is easy to bring anywhere and very light for the stomach. Have a nice date with your girlfriend whenever they get mad by taking baking classes together. It is totally recommended because they will have fun baking and decorating the cupcakes with colorful whipping cream, sprinkles and cookies. Look for tutorials and you can see how unique and cute cupcake’s decoration can be. Ever seen a cupcake decorated as eyeballs, complete with dripping red syrup making it look like blood? That’s one of the bizarre decorations for Halloween. Spend some time out of your busy schedule to have a break and spend a day in a messy kitchen with your girlfriend.

Korean Food

Compared to boys, girls are known to always like foreign dishes. It’s probably because the guys do not like food that tastes unfamiliar on their tongues. However, girls love to try anything new and with how popular Korean food is these days, it has become one of their favorite foods of all time. There are wholesome meals such as bibimbap and jajangmyeon that will fulfil their hunger for the whole day. If they only want snacks, then there are tteokbokki (rice cakes) and corn dogs made of the combination of sausage and mozzarella cheese. As girls love taking pictures of their food, such food is right on their top list to be eaten. The fact that Korean food is not as spicy as we thought, it is nice for you lovebirds to settle your argument with a Korean meal.


Perhaps not all girls like pasta, but this Italian cuisine is known to be liked by many girls. This is because girls who are dieting refuse to consume food such as rice or oily foods. Thus, a lot of them opted for pasta because the dishes are not oily and taste good. They love the rich and creamy texture of pasta dishes like the rose pasta where plain tomato sauce is sauteed with a bit of garlic and added with cream and parmesan cheese. 

Last Words

Hopefully you can rest assured the next time you have an argument with your girlfriend because note how there are many options of food you can offer to them in order to keep the casualties to the minimum. Girl’s love for food is an advantage you can manipulate to win their hearts and make them forgive you when you do something stupid in your relationship. Go for it, gentlemen!