Monday, November 28, 2022
Healthy Daily Routines Girls Should Follow For A Healthy Body And Mind.

People are all about work and wealth and hectic life these days. What exactly is stopping us from taking a slow walk to work or enjoying the fresh air in a park? What are these jobs that the adults are so busy with that most of them forget to take care of their own body and mind? Of course we are swamped with responsibilities as we get older each passing day, but who doesn’t? Some people do not even take a break for holidays to recharge themselves and go home to see their families. Nothing will be left when we die, you know? So it’s better to let loose a little and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

Girls are known to take things the hard way since most of them are very serious and hardworking. While guys can be all laid-back and chill, the girls are the complete opposite. They have a lot of worries and tend to overthink, too. Perhaps society has always been a part of the reason why this happens. Do you know that society has always had a lot of stereotypes about girls? Girls should not work because they should be handling the children and household chores, they say. Girls should not be allowed to lead because they are too emotional, they say. It’s hard when you hire a girl for work because they need maternity leave when they are pregnant, they say. This is why the girls have to work harder than guys because these stereotypes make them feel like they have something to prove. For the guys, they start on the ground level and can continue to grow from the starting line. However, it’s not the same for girls because it’s a fight to even get to the starting line, what with the stigmas and society’s judgement they have to tackle on.

Because of these, girls tend to ignore things like taking care of their health and making sure they have a stable mental health due to their busy schedules. Thus, what are the routines the girls should follow for a healthy body and mind?

Have Enough Sleep

Sleep is important to the body because your work performance could be affected if you don’t have enough sleep. It will make you feel sleepy at work and hard to focus on your tasks. For example, you could make clumsy mistakes and forget things you should do as you go through the day. You will feel legathic and you get tired more easily when you have a messed up sleeping schedule. Some girls drink a lot of caffeine because they think that’s an ideal solution, but it’s not. Caffeine might help you stay awake through your working hours, but be aware of its side effects. It will be hard for you to sleep at night, which means you get even less sleep than before. Thus, make sure you sleep at least 6 hours a day at night for your body to have the rest they deserve.

Eat Right, Even When You Are Feeling Lazy

It’s relatable that breakfast is a hassle in the morning and many girls skip their breakfast. It is hard to make sure you wake up earlier to prepare breakfast and get ready for work in the morning. Those who feel lazy simply choose to stay on their bed for a longer time rather than go for their breakfast. But note that breakfast should be a part of your daily routine as it gives you energy to work during the day. People who have breakfast are more energetic and their mood improves compared to those who don’t. As for lunch and dinner, make sure you have a balanced diet. Consume some proteins, vegetables and fibre because they are essential for the health of our body. Don’t eat fast food often because oily food like burgers and fries could cause weight gain and acne, which will only make you feel stressed. Take some vitamins and health supplements while you are at it so that your body will be healthier.

Spend Some Time To Exercise

Everyone knows how beneficial exercise is for the body and mind. Take out some time from your morning routine to schedule an exercise like a 20 minutes jog before going to work. If you really refuse to get out so early in the morning, just have a run on the treadmill or a few rounds of rope skipping. You will feel the difference to your energy when you do it for the whole week. Don’t push yourself if you think your body can’t handle it, though. If 20 minutes is too much, try for 15 minutes. No need to push your body as you can take it easy and build your tolerance slowly. Besides, go for exercises like hiking or yoga on the weekend because they can be a healing time for your mind. Yoga can be  relaxing and hiking is good to clear your mind when you take a look at the beauty of nature. 

Take A Break

Of course, taking a break is important too. Try not to work on the weekend and have some time for yourself. Wake up a bit later than usual and watch your favorite movies. Have a leisure walk at the shopping malls and do some window-shopping. If your friends are available, suggest a video call or have a picnic to catch up. Go see your parents and spend some time with them. Doing these helps your mind to reset and your body to feel refreshed to start your work on Monday.

Take A Hobby As Stress-Reliever

Whenever you feel like you are having a bad week or you feel depressed with your work, take a hobby to release all that pent-up emotions. Learn how to knit and make something pretty for yourself with the yarn and needle, like a scarf or a pair of cute socks. It’s a good way to release your stress and improve your mood. If you are feeling too tired and unmotivated, read some funny romantic comedy books or science fantasy to have some fun. Or you can also read some motivational books to reach your inner spiritual side and let those words inspire you to do better.

Last Words

All in all, work is not everything in life. Enjoy your life and take a break every once in a while. Your body and mind does not do well when it’s overworked, so take that in mind. Girls might want to work harder, but your physical and mental health matters above all. Balance your work and take care of yourself because it goes side by side in order to shape you as a person with both good physical state and personality.