Saturday, January 28, 2023
How to Dress for Any Occasion

Having Trouble Planning the Perfect Outfit?

Planning an outfit may seem like a tedious task, especially since most of us throw on the first thing we see in the morning and rush off to work or school from our respective apartments at G Residen, Seni Mont Kiara and Pantai Hillpark. provides you with many properties all around Malaysia.

Nonetheless, it really does pay to plan ahead and decide the night before on what you want to wear the next morning. The bigger challenge however, lies in answering the question of how to plan the perfect outfit? Every occasion requires a different attire, and luckily we’ve got you covered. Here’s an ultimate guide to planning an outfit fit for any occasion to satisfy your inner fashionista.

Organize Your Closet

The first step to beginning any new task is organization, and planning your attire is no different. For this reason, the first and possibly most crucial task is to declutter your closet and systematically assemble your wardrobe. This includes getting rid of clothing you no longer wear and donating it to charity. You should then organize your items according to season, for example separating your jackets, coats, sweaters and other winter clothing. 

Invest in organizers, and storage boxes. These are very easy for increasing space in your closet, as well as convenient for locating things later when required. 

Socks are probably the easiest thing to lose and are useless without the other pair. For this reason, they should be tucked away in drawers so that they can be easily found.  Check out KL apartments such as Seni Mont Kiara for sale and Pantai Hillpark apartment for some truly spacious closets! 

Consider The Event & Season

Keeping the occasion in mind, is another important step to planning your outfit. You should also consider factors such as weather, and activities. You might think you look fabulous in your new high heels, but you don’t want to be caught in those at an event that requires a lot of walking. Opt for outfits that can easily be both summer and winter dresses. For example, go for a floral printed dress which can be paired with a scarf or jacket in case the weather gets a bit chilly.

This is especially crucial if you live nearby city areas like rent room G Residence KLCC, Seni Mont Kiara condo for rent, and Pantai Hillpark phase 2 that are prone to unpredictable weather. For this reason, you should check the weather forecast of the day, and make sure your attire is climate-appropriate.

Decide Your Statement Piece

Only one item on your overall attire should be the focus of attention. In fashion terms, this is known as your statement piece, or the wow factor of an outfit. It is what others will notice first, or simply the one thing that stands out. 

This could be anything from a brightly coloured shirt, a snazzy blazer or knee-high boots. Once you have decided on your statement piece, it is easy to build the rest of your outfit around it as other items will serve as supporting pieces to highlight your main item of clothing. Make sure to limit your standout factor as only one, which means avoiding multiple colours or patterns. If you have a bold jacket, pair it with your favourite pair of jeans and a casual white shirt to make it stand out.

Do Not Forget to Accessorize!

Do not underestimate the power of accessories. Sometimes your statement piece can be a bold necklace or chunky rings that can make your whole outfit pop! Other times, jewellery can be added to accentuate an already elegant attire, such as dainty gold necklace for dresses with deep necks, or versatile hoop earrings that pretty much complete any look. Other than jewelry, statement pieces can also include a vibrant bag or clutch if you are heading off to a dinner party, or even sunglasses for your perfect day out cruising!

Check out this video below for fun ways to organize your jewelry:

Experiment With Your Look

Do not be afraid to try out different looks, and break the rules every now and then. The world of fashion is becoming more and more experimental and diverse with important events such as the Met Gala Festival exploring themes such as camp and celebrating unconventional looks on the runway. Wear that loud colour, explore different textures, and layer your outfits until you find your signature style.