Saturday, January 28, 2023
Notable Taboos of a Healthy Relationship

Though you might think that your relationship is healthy right now, there is still a chance something can go wrong. This is why you have to be careful so your happy days will last longer. The first thing you should know about are the things that might make the relationship you have right now, turn sour. Yes, there are a lot of them and sometimes, they can create irrevocable damage. Thus it is best that they are prevented and thus, it is best that you familiarize yourself with them so, you will know if your relationship will start to head that way. 

Here are some of the worst mistakes, experts say that can ruin a healthy relationship:

Being Together All the Time

You might think this is being sweet and this can strengthen your relationship but that is not the case. In time you will feel tied up to him. Every time you see some of your friends having fun, you will realize that you also miss them. So, try to loosen up and practice independence even when you are in a relationship. 

Every relationship have differences between partner, it is all depends on how you cope with each other, it takes time to build a firm foundation.

Wishing for a Perfect Partner

Are you perfect? For sure you don’t think so! That said, your partner is far from perfect as well and you should not wish otherwise. If you are looking for a perfect partner, you will not find that in this Apple world. No one is perfect here and it will only disappoint you if you wish that from your guy. 

Give each other some space, to let each other cool down, before involving into any type of argument, it will change the result of the situation.

Comparing Your Partner to Others

Each of us has our own individuality. God created us with unique qualities. There is always something good about your partner that others don’t have, and it is never good to compare him. Be contented with him and always dwell to the fact that he has great qualities that drawn you to him. 

Disliking Yourself

Hating yourself is definitely not healthy, not only for your relationship but for your wellness. Even if you obviously don’t look as great as the others, you should love what you have. We are not created equal but there is always something good in us. Instead of hating yourself, why not cultivate the qualities that made your partner approach you? Confidence is a great trait, thus start cultivating it!

Making Your Partner Your World

Yes, you love your partner and that is good. In fact, you should not consider flirting to other guys while you are still in a relationship. However, you should also try to have fun with female friends or with your relatives. You should also make sure that you can enjoy without him at times. Making him your world is a big no! Doing so will only make him lose interest in you. 

Giving Up Your Own Values for Him

While he might not be able to give up his own values for you, you should also do the same thing. Unless you realize on your own that your values are not worth pursuing, you should not do so for him. Be true to yourself at all times even when you think you might lose him as if that is the case, it only shows that he is also not into you. 

Fixing Your Partner’s Problems

This is not a good idea. Yes, he might be grateful to you by then but in the long run, he will be more confident to create more problems as you have him to call every time. You can help him deal with some of the problems, but at the end of the day, he should be the one to clean up his mess. 

Not Paying Attention when Your Partner is Talking

This is such a lousy behavior. It would look like you undermine your partner like you are not interested at all about him. You should look him in the eyes when is talking and expect the same attention when you are talking to him as well. 

Keeping Your Admiration to Yourself

If you admire your partner, say so! Keeping it to yourself is futile. What’s keeping you from telling him that you like this and that about him! It will not make you look pathetic, rather, it will make him appreciate you for being outspoken and brave. 

There are still a lot of things that you must watch out so you can maintain the healthy relationship with your partner. However, the bottom line is, simply don’t to your partner what you don’t your partner to do to you. This is the golden rule and this applies to almost all situations. 

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