Monday, November 28, 2022
Things That Successful Women Do

Women are always being stereotyped as someone who is not supposed to do big things, will never get promoted to a higher position at work, will always be blamed for the crimes that people have done to them and so on. Previously, women were nothing. Women are seen as people who are supposed to stay at home and take care of the house and children. Women are the people who should do all house chores and not do anything else such as having fun with friends and going to work. That is the reality that women in the past should face.

But that is all in the past and nowadays, women could even own a big company, be a leader and even be a mother at the same time. Bear in mind that it is never too late to achieve success in your life. Vera Wang herself is a late bloomer where she started her career after her marriage at the age of 40, Oprah Winfrey who came from a poor background and started as a news anchor and built herself into the most influential woman in the world and have her own talk show and Huda Kattan, the founder of Huda Beauty and she is just 37 years old. Age, financial status, cultural background and marital status will never be in the way of a successful woman.

Apart from owning a business, having a high position in a steel company in Malaysia is also considered as successful. And for the record, being in a high position where the industry is being monopolised by men is something incredible for a woman. But these women could not be successful if they are just the same ordinary woman like any other people, so I will list down several things that successful women do in order to be who they are today.

Invest To Be Better

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In order to be a successful woman, the first thing you have to do is to invest in good things that will make you value yourself more. First of all, invest in education. Education is everyone’s wealth if you ask me and that is what will make you shine brighter than anyone else. You should plan out exactly what you want to study within your study time and work on the topics that worry you the most. Because the successful woman understands that in order to achieve, she must devote herself to education. Next, invest in your wellbeing. Without great mental and physical health, because you are how you treat your body. If you manage to take care of your wellbeing, you will be able to reach the sky.

Have A Good Mindset

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Having a good mindset means you have to be positive with what you will achieve today and to do that, you have to surround yourself with a positive circle. “While in the shower, I always set my intention for the day,” says Meg Driscoll. She mentioned the importance of having ‘me’ time and if you can’t have the whole day for your ‘me’ time, you can have it during your shower. That is the best time for you to set your daily goals because with goals, you will put a lot of effort to achieve them. You can also take time for meditation so that after you come back from your hiatus you are already refreshed and will be able to do your job better.

Don’t Compare Yourself to The Others

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There is probably no faster method to undermine your self-esteem and achievement than to compare yourself with people around you. Comparing your achievement and other’s achievement will only drag you down and make you demotivated. That is not the quality of a successful woman. Being the best is subjective, there are no indicators of being the best. You have to be the best version of you and the best version of you will not always be the same as your sister’s best, your mother’s best or your opponent’s best. If you focus to be the best version of yourself, you will notice that you will be more positive and start to love yourself more. It is okay to feel challenged by your surroundings but make sure the feelings are not negatively challenged but positively challenged.

Motivate Each Other

Jealousy is not going to make you any way better than other women and that is why motivating and supporting other women is very important. There is enough space in the world for everyone to flourish and succeed. We don’t have to pit women against one another in a rat race to the top. Instead, successful women inspire and support one another to achieve their full potential. Supporting and motivating other people will not make you any less than them but it will actually make you better. Being jealous and envious towards other successful women are not the characteristics of a successful woman, so be better and do better.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Improve

The desire to take risks is one of the most significant characteristics that distinguishes CEOs from other executives, hence being ambitious is important. Not everyone is able to get out of their comfort zone. Believe me when I say there are some people who think women are not worthy of higher positions in the companies they are working in. And that is what makes some women stay in their comfort zone and just work for other people. Improve yourself and show the world that women are also qualified to do the same job as men and be the leader.