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Tips For The Teen Mom-To-Be

Being a mum at a young age carries a large weight and expectation. It involves vicious selflessness, a large amount of patience, and most importantly, understanding that life goes on. The world is prejudiced against women, more-so against those who rebel against the conventions of what a girl should be like. When you fall pregnant with your first child in your teens, you are plunged into a world unknown. It is easily a time of turmoil, because not only are you facing the criticisms of the world around you, you also have to be a mother to somebody else.

First Thing Is First

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Take a deep breath. When a teen finds out about their pregnancy, the first emotion to cloud them is often fear. Most teen pregnancies happen outside of wedlock, under less than ideal circumstances. There are many questions of who to tell, or what to tell them and how. If you choose to have your baby, know that there are many options out there for you. However, you need to take a moment and realise what is happening to you. You have a choice to if you want to carry the baby to term, but perhaps do not wish to keep it. Adoption agencies and childless parents wishing for a surrogate are good options. If you choose to have your baby, there is a different journey to be undertaken. 

Who Should Know?

Having children is controversial when the pregnancy is unexpected; unplanned for. Who to tell is a scary part that needs to be thought out. Some girls are lucky to be born into families that are open to children, regardless of the circumstances of their conception. However, many strict, traditional and religious households take offense in a child being born out of wedlock. Who you tell is important, especially if you want to keep your baby. Close friends are a great source of comfort, but having an adult in your life that you can trust helps. Some girls choose to turn to their aunts, or older sisters and cousins who have children. If this is not an option, speak to a women’s organisation and have them counsel you through it to provide you with the best way forward. Running away is a last resort. Carrying a pregnancy alone is exhausting and especially coming from a position of no money, it makes it difficult to be successful alone.

Find A Doctor

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Finding a doctor to consult requires resources. Doctor’s appointments are expensive, even more so depending on where you stay and your medical care plan. They can also assist you in finding products for new mothers, helping you with your diet while ensuring that you are healthy and safe for the duration of your pregnancy. Doctors should be friendly and make you feel comfortable, without suggesting any prejudice. If you feel that your doctor is not making you comfortable, then you may have to choose another. Consider your options for your baby, as well as your funds. It is important that they talk you through the process of having a baby, the different trimesters and how the baby will develop and how your baby will change, as well, to accommodate the baby. Ask questions. In fact, have somebody with you who you trust who can also ask some questions that you may not think to ask.

Look Into Support Groups For Mums

Look for a support group near-by that can help you. These communities often offer a good comfort to those who are going through what you are processing. They offer advice on motherhood, or where to purchase the most reliable and affordable items for you and your baby. They’re also willing, sometimes, to offer services for your babies, like baby-sitting.They empathise with you, knowing the difficulties of the journey. You can look for one whether your partner is in the picture or not. While it is great if they decide to step up and help, sometimes it is better to have another support that can help with relatability and provide you a different kind of opinion on matters you may have.

Take Care OF Your Body And Mind

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Processing a pregnancy takes a strain on both the mind and the body. This is not a surprise, especially if the pregnancy was accidental. When you are faced with a life-altering event, it changes you. The best way to help yourself is to take care of yourself. Especially now that you are carrying another life you need to be careful how you treat yourself and your mental health. If you have any disorders, your prenatal doctors should be are aware so that they are able to provide the best care during your pregnancy and postnatal healing. The journey is long, hormonal and can take a toll on someone without them even recognizing it. Keep a journal and write down how you feel; the different experiences you are facing. Do not forget to do things that you enjoy and ensure that you do light workouts or exercises that do not cause too much strain on your joints.

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