Saturday, January 28, 2023
Top 5 Activities For Girls Sleepover.

What could be the best way for girls to bond over a sleepover? It’s the most-awaited activity after a whole week of school and work. Some even consider this as a form of relaxation and a way to reunite with their family or friends. Thinking about those sleepovers we have with our friends every weekend really brings this feeling of pure nostalgia. Remember those times when we decided whose house to stay at by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors? Even parents became used to the term sleepovers if they have a daughter. That’s how common sleepovers are for girls. 

So why is a sleepover a fun activity for the girls? Not saying that the boys did not enjoy sleepovers, but it’s merely the fact that a girl’s idea of sleepover is more to the facial routine, romantic comedy movies and juicy gossip that might not be the boy’s favorite activities. Now, let’s see more into the top 5 activities for girls sleepover!

Blanket Fort Is A Must For Sleepover.

A sleepover is not perfect without a blanket fort, and that’s simply a fact. A blanket fort is where you assembled all the blankets and anything soft in your house to be made as a fort. A blanket fort is so fun to make because sometimes the girls brought their own blankets and plushies from their own houses to be added to the blanket fort. Try taking a nap in the cozy fort, and you would wish to never wake up. It’s the best place to sleep in and how comfortable it is to be surrounded by your family or friends. It’s also a good way to bond in this era where you could be playing with your own smartphones despite being in the same house, because you would never be reminded of your smartphones once you get comfortable inside a blanket fort. 

Manicure and Facial Routine.

Another best part of a girl’s sleepover is that it is time for all the cosmetic products and facial routine to be taken out. Usually, girls will gather around and do each other’s manicure after applying their facial masks. You will see an assortment of various facial masks from the market such as cucumber, blueberry, honey and even clay masks! The feeling of a cold mask on your face is definitely the best way to enjoy the night and relieve some stress from overworking or an insane amount of tests during a hectic week. Some girls who are good at braiding will experiment with their friend’s hair to style the hair with a different and absurd hairstyle for fun. Some even dye their hair with matching colors or hair highlights. This is also the time where girls share their tips and secrets to their skincare routines and makeup styles. Of course they also share their relationship issues and love advice along the way.

It’s Movie Time!

The highlight of girls sleepover will definitely be the movie marathon. Watching movies together is more fun than watching them alone because you can comment and criticize the movie with your friends. This is a more fun way to watch movies and at the same time, entertain yourselves by commenting on some cringey romantic scenes or hilarious action scenes. Since people commonly spend the whole night doing a movie marathon for movies with series such as the Harry Potter, the Avengers, the Hunger Games and the Twilight Saga. This list of hit movies are popular during the 90s and a popular choice for a sleepover’s choice of movie marathon. It means that the girls will watch the series from the first movie until the last movie all night. Coffee and late night snacks such as popcorn and cheesy fries are served for each other. In girls’ sleepovers, there’s no such thing as sleep. This is, however, only allowed since a sleepover is usually done on the weekend where there’s no school and work.

Baking Might Be Difficult, But Not So In A Sleepover.

Everyone knows how difficult of a task baking can be, especially when you are a beginner. So why is baking one of the activities girls do in their sleepover? This is because baking is easier to do when you have an army of friends searching for the easiest recipe and learning how to make them together. It is another great way to bond with each other and have fun in a sleepover. Decorating some cookies by making the icing with powdered sugar and using the food coloring pens is a great way to show off your creativity. It also gives you the opportunity for an entertaining competition among your friends. The mess in the kitchen may be a hassle to clean afterward, but isn’t it worth it? 

Pajama Party, Why Not?

Another activity in the ultimate to-do-list for girls sleepovers is pajama party. Fashion and pajama mix-match is definitely the girl’s expertise. A pajama party is basically where everyone wears their pajamas, as the name suggests. But what’s interesting about this is that the girls may exchange their cute pajamas with each other and even play games to decide what to wear for the night. Let’s see an example, a random person is selected and the others vote for her pajama top and next, they vote for the pants. The results could be unbelievably fancy, or most times very hilarious. It will be a great time spent together choosing each other’s pajamas and also choosing the various selection of cute headbands to wear. After that, right before the girls sleep is the time for eye masks and gossiping about whatever they want until late at night.

Last Words

Blanket fort? Check. Manicure and facial masks? Check. Movie marathon? Check. Baking? Check. Pajamas? Check. Here are the top 5 activities for a great girls sleepover! I hope this has been interesting and might inspire you to reunite with your girls and have the best sleepover of your lifetime. There are actually more games you could suggest for your own girl’s sleepover, but here are the ultimate top 5 that promise you good memories and laughter. What’s more important is to reconnect with everyone and let go of yourself. Be yourself and have fun without worrying about others’ expectations and standards.