Monday, November 28, 2022
Top 6 Make-Up Youtubers You Should Subscribe To.

In this world of technology, even a 4-year-old can actually access their parent’s smartphone to watch his favourite Youtube channel. This just goes to show how commonly used Youtube has been to entertain us and distracts us from our stress. It is estimated that people used this most popular social media every single day and spent more than 10 hours a day watching various contents ranging from mukbang, live singing, funny compilation videos and dance covers. It doesn’t matter that people spent half of their day working in their offices or going to school. Watching Youtube can be a form of relaxation after returning home from work or school. It is no wonder why more people prefer staying home rather than hanging out with their friends after working hours.

As for the girls, there are many channels we love that have been liked and subscribed. I’d say girls prefer relaxing videos such as ASMR and cafe workers posting their videos of preparing the drinks. However, the ultimate favorite channel is definitely the make-up tutorials by popular Youtubers. Such channels are the best way for girls to practice their make-up skills and observe how the Youtubers apply their concealer, choose their lipstick shades and wear their blushers. These might sound easy to learn in one glance, but the struggle is real when you start applying all these stuff on your face. With how expensive make-up or cosmetic products are these days, you would not want to waste those by trying out the make-up on your own and failing miserably after a few tries. The best thing about the make-up tutorial is that it lets us plan what type of make-up we want to try and learn the best way to carry it out step by step. The feeling of satisfaction after a make-up done well cannot be described by words.

Here are a few make-up Youtubers you should subscribe to.

PONY Syndrome.

This particular Korean Youtuber provides perfect and easy-to-follow make-up tutorials with all types of make-up. Want to try a burgundy smokey eyes look? Or you’re more into golden hour make-up? No problem. It’s fine even if you want to learn about daily simple makeup. Pony’s subscribers have reached up to 5.85M subscribers. Her clear explanations and detailed showing of the brands of beauty products she used is very helpful, especially for beginners. Her bare face is very cute and the way she speaks is very soothing. Her videos even have subtitles which makes it understandable for her international viewers.

No Cloud

This Youtube channel is run by Ana Luisa, a pretty foreign girl who posted high quality make-up tutorials. Her attractive figure and make-up skills earned her 179k subscribers and around 8.1k views for every video. She even posted videos of skincare routines and back to school outfits. However, it still cannot top her make-up content due to her unique styles such as Summer Champagne Makeup, Fresh Rose Makeup and E-girl Inspired Makeup. With clear captions in her video to show her cosmetic products used for the make-up looks she wanted to achieve and also calming background songs throughout the video, it’s not a surprise girls were checking out her tutorials.

Nikkie Tutorials

The contents of her makeup is very famous and girls think that she is very inspiring and confident in bringing out the best in herself despite not having the standard ideal body shape such as slim waist and small face. Watching her tutorials make girls feel very confident and the makeup tips she shared definitely helped a lot of beginners. She has even posted many makeup tutorials with celebrities like Selena Gomez, Bebe Rexha and Jessie J, just to name a few. Not only does she share flawless in-depth makeup tutorials, but also some unique looks such as the Zombie Torn Mouth Halloween Makeup or Crazy Drag Transformation.

Saerom Min

The Youtube channel with 872k subscribers is one of the most organised makeup tutorial Youtube channels out there. The posts are divided into sections such as the lips, the eye shadows and a few transformation videos. It makes it easier if you only want to know how to choose the right lipstick shade and apply them correctly. Compared to other Youtubers who always did full face makeup tutorials, this channel is recommended if you have no time to watch full make-up videos and for example, are rushing to work and want a short tutorial on applying lipstick or eye shadows. 


This Korean beauty posted makeup, skincare and even vlog contents. She started up as an online shopping model and is now a CEO of her own cosmetic line. Her Youtube channel received very good feedback and she has a total of 665k subscribers. Many people, especially the girls, love watching her channel not only because of her visuals and Song Hye Kyo look alike, but her cute laugh and easy-going personality. Watching her make-up tutorials give off great energy that makes people’s mood better. The way she does her makeup is also really easy to follow and the style really suits girls who would love to look soft and elegant.


She is a well-known actress in Korea who opened up her channel due to the high demand of her fans. Her sense of fashion is so good that you can judge it yourself by checking out her Youtube channel. One thing about her is that besides her perfect makeup contents is that she is a ‘girl-crush’ due to her confident and bubbly personality. She has even replied to one negative comment that criticizes her for opening her channel at the age of 40. She insisted that age doesn’t have to do with anything because she is her very own person and how she lives her life is up to her to decide. She even promotes mental health in her content and it is very good for the teens, especially girls who might be feeling depressed to meet the society’s beauty standard. Overall, her Youtube channel is so enjoyable because it really shows how it is hers.

Last Words

Makeup tutorials have always been fun content to watch at Youtube for girls because they inspire them to try out new looks and boost their confidence. It is a good thing because it feels nice to see the girls supporting each other by watching the Youtubers and giving feedback about beauty and confidence. Sometimes it’s even fascinating because they were supporting each other despite being in a different country and coming from different cultural backgrounds. That’s girl power!