Saturday, January 28, 2023
Top 8 Most Essential Items In A Woman’s Handbag.

Is it surprising that almost every woman brings a handbag every time they get out of their home? Of course it’s not, since women commonly have a lot of things to bring wherever they go. This is why when you go on a school trip during your high school years, you will see the boys with their sling bags while the girls with their luggages. It’s not that they are not familiar with the term ‘minimalism’, but there are just many things they have to bring with them. Spare clothes and pants, cosmetic products, toiletries, snacks and food stock are all necessary for the girls. Some call this high-maintenance but it’s not if we are talking about girls and their habit of bringing everything when they step out of their house. Most girls are just particular about hygiene and do not like to share their things with another person. Thus, it means that they have to bring their personal belongings. They also tend to overthink and bring along with them spare things they think is necessary, just name it – spare umbrella, spare shirt, spare socks and even spare makeup tools. 

Now, does it not make you curious about what women bring in their handbags? 

  1. Spare underwear and tampons

This is a basic necessity to bring for every girl because it sucks when they are not prepared for their period. It is highly possible for blood stains to stick on their underwear and they will be in big trouble when there is no other woman with a tampon or pad for them to borrow. Thus, it has become a habit for them to keep some spare underwear and tampons in their handbags. That way, there would be no problem when their period comes because they are well prepared. This is also the reason why it is advisable for men to check the contents of a woman’s handbag. 

  1. Perfume 

It is very important for a woman to smell good at all times. This is because it improves their confidence to go through the whole day in the office or even anywhere else. They also agree that smelling good improves their mood for the day and makes them feel comfortable to communicate with others. The smell of sweat is a nightmare for the woman because it might make them feel self-conscious and uncomfortable although it’s not that noticeable for others. Want to hear a fun fact about women and fragrance? It’s amusing that women generally have stronger senses of smell than guys. This means that women can pick up someone’s perfume smell faster than the guys. It’s even possible that they are able to remember what perfume other people have been commonly wearing. 

  1. Wallet

Women cannot live without their wallet, and that’s a fact. The guys might be okay with keeping a few notes in their pocket and go, but the same cannot be said for the women. Their wallet should be in their handbag at all times so that it is easy for them to go shopping whenever they want. Besides, it is important for them to use their wallets so that they can flex on their luxurious wallets like YSL, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Wallets can be considered as accessories for women to wear every day, so it is a must-have item in their handbags.

  1. Band Aids 

As the women love to be prepared for any accidents, it is necessary for them to bring some band aids. Sometimes, they do not just bring that for themselves, but for the others around them. You never know when someone could be scratched or a paper cut happens to anyone in your office. If that happens, they would be happy to offer you their band aids. 

  1. Power Bank And USB Cables

With how important our smartphones are to us nowadays, it should be common sense for the women to bring their power bank with them. This is super important especially if they are traveling or working. What is a power bank? It is a device used to provide portable power to charge battery powered items like mobile phones. With items that have a USB interface, this is where the USB cables come in handy.

  1. Makeup Bag

Women who wear makeup will need to have a makeup bag in their handbags. It will make touching up their blusher or lipstick so much easier in the afternoon or after having a meal. Apart from that, the purpose of a makeup bag is to ensure that all the small sized makeup such as the lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and its tools like blusher brush and eyelash curler are kept well inside the bag and not scattered everywhere inside the handbag. Plus, some cosmetic products can be fragile if they’re not handled carefully. It’s no wonder why you will definitely find a makeup bag in a woman’s handbag. Give the ignorant guys a lecture if they asked something like “Another bag in the bag? Why go through all these troubles?”.

  1. Earphones

A set of earphones is also important for the women for their everyday use. They wear this while waiting for their bus to arrive for work or even during their working break to watch a movie. It is very nice to be considerate to other people around us because some people might not be comfortable listening to whatever we are listening to when we do not use the earphones. Some women also value privacy and do not like it when other people listen to their song playlists or the voice messages people left for them.

  1. Hand Sanitiser

There’s many variations to hand sanitisers out there – some are simple and some come with cute cartoon holders. Due to the pandemic, it has become a habit for everyone to bring with them a bottle of hand sanitisers. Better be safe than sorry, right? Some people use them more than 6 times a day. This is possible because we are advised to use them after we use the toilet, wash our hands and before entering a premises. Keeping a hand sanitiser in the handbags is a must for all women because it is easy to reach and will be used often.

Last Words

In conclusion, there are lots of guesses on what exactly women bring in their handbags since they cannot be apart from them even for a while. I hope this has been informative and entertaining as it answers all your questions about the content of a woman’s handbag. Of course not everyone brings the same things as anyone else, but these 8 items are the must-have for women to bring everyday.