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What Does Women Need To Know About Sex and Fetishes

According to a 2017 research that was published in the International Archives of Sexual Behavior, the majority of couples in the United States have sex at least 54 times per year. That is an average of having one time sex per week. When we look at Western films and TV shows, we see how much they enjoy physical touch and intimacy. How they show sex scenes and how they kissed almost every single scene. Yet, that is not the reality. It is only an on-screen act. 

Mainly, sex in long-term marriage arent as exciting as you first started getting together. It is getting boring. As women, we face difficulty in achieving orgasm however we must strive to improve our sex life must improve as the years pass by. After years together, we got to know each other quite well, making us know our likes and dislikes, our habits, and so on. Having only sex toys is not enough. 


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Have you ever heard or read the term sex fetish? Sex is a taboo topic, especially in our country. Men could talk about it freely yet women still have limitations to talk about it. This makes it harder for conversations like a fetish to be talked about or discussed with one another. However, you should know that fetish is common. The fact is that fetish does exist in most individuals. 

So Here’s What You Need To Know About Fetish

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Try asking yourself. Ask yourself what you are attracted to. For instance, are you attracted to men in boots or leather? Are you picturing yourself with a fantasy of getting spanked and degraded?  If so, you may want to indulge in fetish. Before going any further, we should know the real meaning behind the ‘fetish’ term first. To your knowledge, a fetish is a condition in which a person tends to like, observe or love something that is very specific.

Types of Fetishes 

There are different types of fetishes in this world. It is limitless and does not specify only one. 

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Foot Fetish: 

One of the most common fetishes is foot fetishes. This is a tendency of liking the body part, feet. You might be attracted to feet like you want to sniff, lick or be underneath the feet. You find the pleasure of worshipping the feet. Some foot fetish lovers loved the whole submission idea that you are worshipping someone you loved and submit to them to the point that you are willing to lick their dirty feet. That is the attraction of foot fetish. 

Yes, foot fetish is more common with men but there is no shame in liking your boyfriend or husband’s feet. They might even enjoy getting their feet worshipped. 


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The second most common fetish on this list is masochism. A person might get sexual pleasure from being in pain or humiliated. A person with this tendency loves to harsh talk or in certain ways of being treated. If you are submissive or have a submission tendency, try asking your partner to degrade you more. Do not feel embarrassed! Embrace your sexual desire. 

Signs if you are into masochism: 

  • Liking narcissist men/partner
  • Likes to kneel 
  • Likes being trash-talked
  • Turn on when your partner are being toxic 


Clothing fetishes are one of the most common is sex fetishes. A clothing fetish is something that relates to a person’s costume or clothing. Men, for instance, there are husbands who like to see their wives wearing lingerie during intercourse and there are also those who are excited to see their wives wearing only bat shirts. It is different and depends on the individual. Nowadays, clothing items that are famous are formal, maid costumes and professional costumes. 

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Every woman has their own preferences when it comes to costumes. Some women like to see their partners dress up formally. Vest, blazers and slacks are the attractions.

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Then, younger women in their early 20s are more attracted to anime. This is more popular with youngsters nowadays. Anime and hentai feature maid costumes and somehow they are attracted to them. Above is one of the examples where a cosplayer is cosplaying as Eren Jaeger. 

Study On Why Fetish Is Developed? 

Even so, until now there has been no study that has succeeded in finding the reason why a person has a fetish. There is some study but it is not perfectly rounded. According to Scot Jacobey who is a sex therapist, fetishes are part of sexual fantasy. It can be categorized as one of the normal sexual behaviours. In compliance with this, some sex therapists stated that you could develop a fetish randomly. It could be random events in your life. So, don’t wonder and bet yourself on why you have certain fetishes. Women tend to beat themselves when they aren’t needed for that. 

Opinion on BDSM By The Expert 

The same can be said of people who enjoy bondage, discipline or domination, sadism, and masochism, commonly known as “BDSM,” Rosenberg says. As long as everyone consents, then chances are “no one’s getting hurt in a way that is extreme or permanent, and everyone’s happy with what’s happening.”

How To Open Up Regarding Your Fetishes To Your Partner 

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Communicate With Your Spouse

Talk to each other! Communication is the key to healthy and active sex life in a marital relationship, so talk to each other! It’s fun to talk about things that aren’t superficial, but remember to go deeper into the conversation in order to create intimacy. Women can take the lead too. Make sure the situation is suitable. 

Have a Sharing Session

Share with each other regarding your sexual desires. Be open and honest about what you want. You don’t have to use this time to be critical of your partner. Just emphasize what you want more in the bedroom and what makes you feel good. Then, listen to your partner’s needs as well. If you could not tolerate each other’s fetishes, just give it a shot first but remember to stay safe by learning about it or even better consult a professional regarding it. Women are gullible when it comes to sex but we can change the glibness. 

Last but not least, use sex toys as it is part of the fetishes. It will change the whole game of sex. There are lots of options when it comes to adult toys Malaysia.

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