Monday, November 28, 2022
What Most Girls Fear That You Should Know If You Want To Be Their Knight In Shining Armor.

Everyone has their own fears that they are uncomfortable to reveal, especially the girls. It is fine to have fears, though. Don’t consider it a weakness since we are not born perfect. Accepting the fact that you have fears is a good thing for your mental health and will make you a wholesome person. A lot of guys actually like that their girlfriend has fears because they can be a gentleman and protect their lovers. While girls nowadays are just as strong and independent as the boys, they might like the feeling of having someone to protect them. It’s the sweetest romantic scene you see in movies where the guys figure out their partner’s fear and discreetly try to protect them from it. Most of the time, the girls also like to know that their boyfriend cares about them and is aware of the small details of themselves. 

So, what are the common fears girls have that you boys should probably know about?

Fear of the Dark

It is common to hear that girls are afraid of the dark. That’s why it makes them so mad when people do pranks like turning the bathroom they are occupying on and off at night. Don’t consider such fear as childish because you never know what causes them to fear the dark in the first place. It could be that they never grow out of their fear of the dark since they are still a child. It’s normal because the fear of the dark when we are young is considered a phase of growing up. Nevertheless, not everyone grows out of them since people live in different home situations or environments. Sometimes, it’s even possible that the fear developed after an accident or misfortune that once fell upon them. Don’t be surprised if you found out that your girlfriend needs a nightlight to sleep.


It’s true that girls are more sensitive and emotional compared to boys. Thus, being abandoned might hurt for a little while for the boys, but not for the girls. Being abandoned is a horrible situation for them because they crave attention and love from the people around them. Girls that have experienced being abandoned by their parents or lovers in the past become scared to commit to any serious relationship because they don’t want to feel the pain again. If you have a crush that seems to like you back but is afraid of abandonment, don’t push them and take it slow. Convince them that you are the one for them and the possibility of you leaving them is zero. How sweet.

Fear of Insects

It’s a common scene where the girls would come out screaming out of the bathroom because of insects like cockroaches and bugs. Those are the universal enemy of girls no matter how they try to show that they are not affected by it. Be ready to save your partner from flying cockroaches and other insects when you live together under the same roof. Some of them are scared of insects because they have been stung when they were young or they are just scared of them because of their legs.

The Fear of Death

Girls are known to love deeply, no matter to whom the love is directed to. They love their families, close friends and partners with their whole heart because that’s just how they are. You can see how mothers are so sympathetic and caring for their children. This means that girls love people from the bottom of their hearts, and it’s hard for them to let people go. That is the reason they fear death because the pain of losing someone important to them could be hurtful and it takes them a long time to move on. It’s not that guys do not feel the same pain, but girls tend to express that emotion more. They could always live in fear of their pets dying on them, or their parents suddenly leaving them all alone in this world. There’s even some diagnosed with Thanatophobia, a phobia of death where the death of a plant affected them greatly.

Fear of the Unknown

Since girls tend to overthink, it is logical that they could be afraid of the unknown. It means that they are afraid of the things they don’t know. They could be afraid of the time they would die, or they could be afraid of a box where they don’t know what the content is. Girls with this fear hate changes of plan in their routines or things they can’t predict. They don’t like to go somewhere they have no idea of the location and they hate trying new things. They are creatures of routines where the idea that something unknown coming their way scares them to their bones. 

A Person’s Worst Enemy Is Themselves

The phrase could apply to so many girls out there where their inner side is constantly trying to find faults in whatever they do. It’s also hard for girls that set such high expectations for themselves and beat themselves out when they fail to achieve that. Perhaps more people can relate to this because it could happen to anyone. There’s always a voice in your head that questions something significant like your purpose and existence, or decides something simple like what you should eat for lunch. Doesn’t it make you wonder if it’s your spiritual talking or if it’s just simply your consciousness? Whatever it is, it could be your worst enemy because girls especially find it hard to accept that they are alright just the way they are. There’s always insecurity from their own appearance or personality. That is why your social circle matters because they should be your pillar of support who will judge you honestly and point out that your insecurities are invalid.

Last Words

In a nutshell, note that there are more than a hundred types of fears or phobias in the world. It’s possible that your partner could have one of them. It’s good if you don’t tease them too much about their fears and instead try to help them get over their fear. Or if you can see how hard your partner tries to conceal their fear, let them share about it with you at their own pace. Be their secret knight in shining armor and make their lives easier like those gentlemen in romance movies.