Saturday, January 28, 2023
What You Girls Can Do If The World Is Gonna End Tomorrow.

If you are an avid fan of science fiction novels where the plot revolves around the main character living in a world where pollution is uncontrollable, pandemic is killing millions and the world will be ending in a few days time, it would be fun to wonder about what would you do if you were the one in their shoes. It should be a sad phase of your life because there surely are many things you do not get a chance to do yet, but let’s not linger on the negative emotions. It’s amazing how these post-apocalyptic fiction authors are able to come up with the plot and make their novels come to life with their great writing. Sure, most of these novels did not end happily but what do you expect from a novel with suh storylines? It’s the end of the world, after all. It’s a phase where no living things exist and there’s no signs of life existing in the world. Aside from the popular novels with this theme, there are a few underrated ones that are just as good. So check out some of them and you will see why the girls really love such novels.

Let’s go back to the question of the day. What would you girls do if the world is going to end tomorrow?

Make A Wish List And Grant Them All

When there’s nothing else you should consider like work and money, it is the best time for you to let loose and do whatever you wish to do. When you are in this situation, so many wishes would come to your head and it will be hard to sort them out. Thus, make a wish list and stick to it. You only have about 24 hours after all. Jot down whatever you wish to do and is possible to be done. Don’t go for a wish like you want to have a ride in a private helicopter because let’s face it, it’s a waste of time and energy. Besides, what a waste to spend your last day on Earth doing something insignificant like that. What you should include in your wishlist is something like having a video call with your parents or having a picnic with your close friends. Plan your day and have fun since it will be such good memories to keep. 

Confess Your Love

If the world really is ending and everyone will turn to dust after tomorrow, you have got nothing to lose by confessing to your crush. It’s nothing important to other people but would it not feel great to accomplish what your heart has always wanted to do previously. It’s time for you to think about yourself and your heart during your last moments. You might say that’s super sappy or heartbreaking, but such scenes are just touching in the novels of this particular theme. That’s the power of love, girls!

Spend Some Time With Your Loved Ones

Above everything else, family matters and it is a fact for most of us. You should spend some time with your family by watching movies, have dinner together and just do something random for fun. Make good memories with your loved ones because they are the people you rely on all the time and the ones with you through your ups and downs. Do simple things like laundry and baking although it is useless for the day after. There’s a saying that goes something like, “If you have a seed in your hand when the world is ending, go plant them still”. It means that you should live your life as you do even when the world is ending. In that case, plant the seed although you might not live long enough to see it grow. 

Do Whatever You Want With Your Appearance

If you have always wished for a tattoo, go to a tattoo parlor and get one. Or two, if you want. Tattoos have always been loved by girls because they love meaningful stuff like that. Besides, tattoos are commonly linked with the events in their lives. Sometimes it’s because someone you love is gone and you wish to honor them. Sometimes it’s to remind you of the events in your life that are important to you and you don’t want to forget them. Sometimes you win a battle like cancer and you want it as a trophy for your victory. So get a tattoo for your own sake and don’t mind about others. It’s the end of the world and everyone should mind their own business. On top of that, you might want a change with your hair. Cut them short if you have never done that in the past and perhaps that will lift your mood in such trying times. Or perhaps you want a piercing because it looks cool, then go for it. It’s your own body and thus, it’s your choice to do whatever you want with them. 

Spend Your Money Without A Care In The World

There’s no world to care about tomorrow, anyway. So spend your money and shop til you drop by buying whatever you wanted before. Eat whatever you want like the limited edition snacks and the most expensive desserts in the world. Shop for the shoes you like as well as the clothes you have seen famous celebrities wear on red carpets. You spent your whole life working for them, so have fun and spend it all. Who cares if the end of the world is suddenly cancelled and you have no money with you? Just start over and work, as usual.

Always Stand In The Side of Hope

There are tragic instances in the post-apocalyptic fiction novels where the characters committed suicide before they are afraid to face the end of the world. However, why lose hope even when the world is ending tomorrow? Anything is possible since the universe is so vast and unpredictable. Live your life to the best of your ability and hope for another day because we are just a super tiny part of this huge universe. There’s also a being much more superior than us that will probably take pity on us and grant our wishes of living a long life. 

Final Words

Isn’t this such an interesting topic to think about in your head or discuss over during the girl’s sleepover? Let’s hope there comes the moment where it happens to us in real life. But if it does, then you have got this amazing guide to refer to when you have confirmed that the world really is ending. Sit back and enjoy your last days on Earth, girls!