Saturday, January 28, 2023
Who Gets An Invitation on Your Big Day

So you are about to walk the aisle at last! For sure you are quite excited already and you must be starting to plan for the big day right now? Maybe, you are also planning about your invites as this is one of the highlights in every wedding. But when it comes to the invitation, you might be wondering who will be the recipients? Of course, if you can afford to invite everyone in your network and that of your partners’, you should! But then again, if your funds are limited, you need to think first who you are going to invite.

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Are you having a hard time to decide? The following tips might be of help! Check this out:

Invite only those people you already met, except I guess those relatives from afar, only your parents know. They should still get an invitation, especially that your parents might also insist.

You can make a preliminary list together with your partner. Yes, it should be the both of you knowing you both need to invite people from both your sides. You can start with the closes relatives you have, then your friends, your co-employees, your boss if you like the idea and so on.

Decide carefully when it comes to families. Up to which level of the family you should invite? Will you invite members of the extended family? This is okay for smaller families, but if you come from a huge one, this can take the bulk of your list. However, if most of the family members are not in your area or in other countries, you can just invite those who are in your area. Or maybe, you can also send invites to those who are in other countries as they might still not appear.

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To avoid bad thoughts from your future in-laws, it is best to make sure that each family will be given the same number of extra guests. You can give these invites to your parents and be firm when telling them that there are not extra spots, as sometimes, they can go all the way.

You can also decide whether you will let kids in your event. If by chance you decide that they might ruin your most special day, be sure to be firm about it. When it comes to this matter, only those ages below 12 are considered kids. You have to be strict about this as some of your friends my personally ask you about this.

When it comes to simply returning the favor, this will only apply if you were invited just recently. However, if the invites happened 5 years ago, you don’t need to invite the subject unless you really want to.

If your budget is strict or your venue is space-limited, you can state that there is no plus-one unless the other party is really intimately close like he is a fiance or boyfriend. But if that is not the case, you can say no to plus-one.

Yes, this can be a touch decision to make but you have to deal with this. You don’t want your wedding to be quite lonely while at the same time, you also don’t want it to be overcrowded. The most determinant factors here are your budget and the space of the venue. But if there are no problem about this and you like a lot of guests, then why not invite everyone! Yes, there are rules about this, but then again, at the end of the day, it is your preferences that will matter. After all, it is your big day!


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