Saturday, January 28, 2023
Why People Cheat their Partner

According to Malaysia statistics, almost 60% of marriages end up in divorce! Why do you think so? What could be the reason why a couple who promised to love each other and to live together for the rest of their lives decide to break up? While there are different reasons for
every break up, the most common is infidelity. Yes, most of the time, the other spouse is caught cheating and cannot be forgiven. Why do you think most of the married couples cheat when they already have their own families? Why are they risking their wives and kids?

If you are also interested why people cheat, you can continue reading below:

They can’t say no to those hitting on them

Yes, men in nature are polygamous and full of pride. They say that once a girl hits on them, it will be a waste not to take her. They seem to find it unmanly to say no to a woman who obviously show interest on them. They cheat because they can like there is a girl who is willing to have a romantic rendezvous with them even if she knows they are married.

You definitely need more skills to maintain in order to get a long term, healthy, firm, and efficient relationship with your partner.

They are looking for something that they cannot find at home

When a woman gets married, a full load of obligations will be dump on her shoulders. She will not only need to take care of his husband, she also needs to take care of their kids. With so many things to do, they forgot to take care of themselves and being romantic will be thrown in the windows. Husbands don’t seem to understand this and instead of helping his wife so she can have time for him, he will right away look for another girl that can fill up what he needs.

Some couples even mentioned that they might have differences with the partner, therefore, it leads to breaking up as the final result.

To try something new in bed

Most decent girls don’t do obscene things in bed and in time, husbands get less thrilled for the same act of sex every time. But when opportunity presents a new and younger girl that is willing to do new things in bed, they ignore all reasons and just think about the excitement. Yes, they forgot that they can lose their families because of a temporary rendezvous.

Some of the couples even seperate clearly and mentioned all of the things that belong themselves in black and white.

They have different issues in bed

This is almost the same in the above situation. Because their wives refuse to do what they want, they find a more compliant one. They tend to forget that because probably they shower her with attention and gifts, the girl was easily swayed. They could have done the same thing to their wives as who know that she will do the same thing knowing she loves him.

The physical intimacy is gone

This is so true. A lot of men lose interest with their wives after living with her for years as the physical intimacy is not as passionate anymore. They feel as well that the wife is getting older and less attractive without considering that they too get old.

So, if you happen to be with a partner who cheats because of any of the reasons above, don’t feel bad about yourself. You are not the one with the problem here but your husband. Leave him if you can as he is not worth your attention.

It is not that hard to maintain a healthy relationship with your lover, if you have found out any “not so right” symptoms with your lover, then solve now, before is too late!