Saturday, January 28, 2023
Why The “Special” Treatment to the Lesbians Should Stop, And Fast.

Most of us have heard of the term “lesbian”, but not where it comes from. Derived from the name of the Greek island, Lesbos, it is said that the island is the home of one of the greatest lyric poets in ancient times, Sappho. Historians managed to find her remaining poets which mostly depicted the beauty of women and declaration of her love for girls. This clearly shows that women who love those with the same gender exist from so long ago.

Do you know that 3.4% of the women in the US identify themselves as lesbian or bisexual? This means that the community exists as a minority in the society and to be honest, probably do not have a good time as a lesbian. It’s not uncommon to hear that most of them are not comfortable telling anyone about their sexual orientation. How traditional can someone get if they happen to be thinking, “You love people of the same gender? Eww”, “Are you sure you are alright? That sounds gross” or something like “You don’t actually like girls, it’s just your brain thinks you do”. We don’t get to choose our gender or sexual orientation, you know. People are born different, so of course how you choose to present yourself as and who you love is different from other people’s preference. It’s absurd that people who have a different sexual orientation from the majority are considered abnormal and isolated from society. Sometimes, there are even cases where they are bullied and are not accepted by their family members. Is it wrong if the girls are attracted to another girl and not a boy? Is it wrong that they happen to fall for the personality of a girl they happen to meet? If you say yes, then what right do you have to say that with such conviction? Why give a restriction to who they want to love and make them feel horrible that they feel so? 

Everyone should have the freedom to love without being held by the society’s standard. It is important to respect others because we are all equal and none of us deserve to be treated as less. Let’s see some of the reasons, should we?

Religion Should Not Be Made An Excuse To Spread Hate

For religion like Islam, being a lebian is a sin because it is not an acceptable act for the people of the religion. This is more obvious in countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. However, that is not a card for you to be mean and discriminate against people with that sexual orientation. Islam does not encourage violence but instead acceptance and kindness. Thus, don’t be judgemental towards the lesbians by using religion as an excuse. Be understanding and try to stand in their position before saying harsh things to them. If you think it is wrong, then give them advice and suggestions, not hate and negative words. Spreading hate will only show them that religion is a reason for people to hate each other and discriminate. They would only wish for religion to not exist because it is the reason why people are isolated because they are sinners and do not deserve equal treatment. 

Low Self-Esteem and Identity Denial

For the teenagers who are still figuring out their own self and identity, they will hate themselves for liking another girl or having a crush on the same gender. Since they can see how the LGBT community has received hate and isolation from the people around them, it will make them live in denial as they try to push themselves to like a boy they feel nothing for or to deny that they feel uncomfortable to have a relationship with a guy. This makes them afraid to open up about themselves and causes low self-esteem. They will think that they are not a good person or that they are a weirdo for being different from the other girls their age who gush about the good-looking seniors or the attractive male teachers. 

A Danger To Their Mental Health

In some cases, the girls who exposed themselves as lesbians received insane backlash from the public. Their contact numbers and social media accounts are leaked, leaving them vulnerable as the victims of cyberbullying. Those who have no reason but to spread hate will send them harsh words, hateful comments and even death threats. Others who support them will be receiving the same treatment as they are considered a shame for the society. Sometimes, this happens more often to the youngsters. When we were younger, we lacked the sense to think carefully before taking action and use our emotions as a justification to do what we think is right. We are not sympathetic because we do not have the opportunity to explore what’s there outside our small circle and meet people with various backgrounds and identities. Thus, this could lead to depression and could be dangerous to their mental health. In worst case, the teens who are lesbians can no longer handle the mental strain and decided to commit suicide.

Parents Should Be Their Children’s Pillar of Support

As parents, they should be more understanding and supportive of their children. If your child opens up to you about being a lesbian, don’t judge them and ask them to change themselves because you should be their support during their hard times of understanding their sexual orientation. If you know nothing about lesbians, search up and read about it so that you can see from the perspective of your child. Have a discussion with them and try to be supportive instead of following the traditional way of thinking and breaking your children’s heart. Make sure they can trust you so that you can learn more about your children and their social circle. Isn’t it in your nature as a mother and parents to nurture them until they grow up beautifully in front of your eyes? 

Last Words

With that, I hope this could open your eyes and your hearts to be more accepting of the lesbian community. Remember, you might happen to find out that your sister, best friend or someone you adore might be one of the community. Thus, accept them as they are and don’t discriminate just because of their sexual orientation.