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Why Women Should Consider Real Estate Broker As a Career Choice in 2021

This is an exciting moment to be alive! Women today are entering the workforce with just as much self-assurance and a desire to succeed as their male colleagues did decades ago. Despite this, certain industries are still considered to be male-dominated. Real estate is one such industry that comes to mind. 

What we don’t realise is that real estate has always been linked with builders, and women have always excelled in this field, from being homemakers in the past to becoming company owners and leaders of countries in the present. In fact, contrary to popular perception, this is one area in which they have a natural talent.

Big Opportunities in The Industry

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Did you know that Malaysia’s population is projected to grow to 33.2 million by the end of 2021, with 77.2% of them likely to live in urban areas like Bangi and Petaling Jaya? This would not only result in increased demand for high-quality infrastructure, but it would also result in increased need for experts to design, build, and maintain such infrastructure.

The present situation in the business is such that the demand for skilled experts outweighs the supply of competent professionals currently available in the industry.   Being a certified professional in this field may put you on the fast road to success, and earning a specialised degree in this field can provide you big opportunities and climb the corporate ladder at a rapid pace.

Despite the fact that this is often considered a male-dominated profession, there have been many examples of women who have achieved success in this industry. They have, in fact, climbed to the very top of the ladder and are in charge of their own organizations. We took a look at some of the most inspirational women working in this industry and followed their journeys to success. What came through loud and clear was that not only have these women achieved great success in the real estate industry, but there is still opportunity for many more to do so. What is it that all of these ladies have in common? Of course, like many other women out there, they have a creative mind as well as the desire to show their skills.

What Are The Prospects for a Successful Career?

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Over the next decade, the millennial generation will transition into the prime working-age and household-forming age group. Because of financial and personal concerns, this generation has put off purchasing a house on hold. As a result of their entrance into the housing market, the need for real estate agents and brokers is expected to rise.

What Level of Education Do You Need?

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Real estate brokers and sales agents are required to finish a number of real estate courses before they can be licenced. 

Due to the increasing competition and complexity of the real estate industry, several companies are preferring to recruit individuals who have a bachelor’s degree or higher. There are real estate courses available at certain colleges, and universities. Some colleges and universities provide real estate bachelor’s degree programmes, while others just offer certificate programmes. Courses in finance, business administration, economics, and law may also be beneficial in this situation.

The Importance of Women In The Business

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Women in business have said that nowadays there is almost no firm that does not have at least one female director on its board of directors.  All women are gifted with a unique set of instinctual traits and instincts that may be put to good use in the real estate industry. In addition, their viewpoint on lifestyle, architecture, and gardening has significantly improved, and to top it all off, the ability to acquire technical knowledge has earned them excellent marks in the real estate business.

Additionally, women have been able to pursue careers in a variety of other specialised areas under the umbrella term of “Real Estate,” including banking, sales and marketing, project management, and facilities management, all of which have a strong need for specialist experts.

We hope this has provided you with a better understanding of the advantages of working in the real estate industry, as well as the potential for success. 

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