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Women in Marketing
digital marketing in Malaysia

Marketing is an integral process that is deeply related to the intricacies of the modern-day. What used to be a form of communication that stimulated the demand and supply model of business is now considered a reflective art form. Marketing today is ingrained in relevancy. It is a mirror to today’s society. Marketing does so by representation. 

Consumer today wishes to see themselves be represented in media and art and even products that they consume. Representation truly matters because once people see themselves being represented, they wish to consume the medium because it becomes relatable to them. This in turn empowers them, making them feel good about themselves. 

digital marketing in Malaysia

Marketing has come a long way since its dawn and there is no doubt about it. Marketing has time and time again broken the gender stereotype, blurred racial demarcations, and fought the rampant ageism that exists in today’s world. However, it has a long way to go. While there are ad campaigns that have challenged these archaic stereotypes and many others over the past couple of decades, most of these campaigns are not designed or run by minorities. These campaigns are meant to reflect the very minorities who are denied the chance of managing them. 

digital marketing in Malaysia

According to multiple types of research, while minorities have significantly advanced in the field of marketing, these advances have not been very racially diverse. As of right now, there are more female chief marketing officers than male marketing officers with the division being 52% and 48% respectively. However, diversity has been severely lacking. Only 13% of the 52% are from racially diverse backgrounds in the form of Blacks, Latinas, and Asians. Of the 13%, 4% have been Black, 3% have been Latina, and 5% have been Asian. Overall, racial diversity in marketing has been lacking. As a result of this, many ad campaigns are, knowingly or otherwise, perpetuating biases and stereotypes. These in no way represent the world accurately but are still prevailing and people are still buying into the inaccurate representation of the society at large. 

The best way to combat this dilemma is to empower minorities. In order to empower the minorities, it is important to bring about awareness about the people, especially women, from these minorities who are doing ground-breaking work in the field of marketing. This empowerment would lead to motivation and as more women join a marketing, the offensive stereotypes can be fought into their graves once and for all. 

  • Bozoma Saint John. 

Bozoma Saint John’s resume and work experience are one of the most diverse and interesting reads in the world of marketing. Currently the Global Chief Marketing Officer for Netflix, Bozoma has served as the Head of Music and Entertainment Marketing for CPG Giant. She went on to become the head of Global Consumer Marketing at Apple Music and iTunes. She has also served as the Chief Brand Officer for Uber. What started as a stint in Spike DDB, Spike Lee’s advertising agency, quickly went on to become one of the most established and decorated careers in marketing to date. She was inducted into the American Advertising Federation Hall of Achievement (2014), Billboard’s Women in Music Hall of Fame (2018, 2020). Also, she was recognized on The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Power 100 list (2018) and on Forbes’ World’s Most Influential CMOs list (2018). 

  • Dian Sirwarini.

In 2015, Sirwarini made history by becoming the first-ever woman to run a publicly listed Indonesian telecommunications firm, XL Axiata. Sirwarini literally started from the bottom and had to climb proverbial ladders as well as actual ladders in the form of cell tower ladders as a network engineer. From there, she decided to expand her skillset and went on to learn how to manage digital businesses. She used the 3R strategy whereby she revamped, rose, and reinvented whatever she laid her hands on. Under her leadership, the 3R strategy has become XL Axiata’s core business strategy. Sirwarini understood the assignment when she was given the headship of XL Axiata because she ushered in changes in the form of selling noncore telco units and affordable data packages. thereby increasing its market share to almost 18% last year, from 10% in 2016 and boosting Ebitda 5% to $601 million over the same period. The mother of three says education policies should change to encourage more women to pursue tech careers.

  • Tan Hooi Ling. 

Tan is the co-founder of the e-hailing service Grab. One of the most successful e-hailing services and the most successful e-hailing service in Malaysia, Tan has managed to build a company that has raised about 9 billion USD since its launch in 2012. 

  • Falguni Nayar. 

While most of the women on this list started out within their very fields, Nayar did not. Nayar’s success in marketing can be attributed to a second act. After nearly 20 years of helping entrepreneurs realize and achieve their dreams as investment bankers, Nayar decided to change lanes. She started her own business from scratch after quitting her well paying and benefits galore job at Kotak Investment Banking, She invested two million dollars and launched Nykaa, one of the most successful and affordable makeup brands in India. Today, Nykaa has 46 stores all over India and has a 45 million visitor per month traffic generation on the website and app. 

  • Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao. 

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao is a remarkable woman who entered the male-dominated industry of aviation, launched her own start-up called Vietjet Aviation, and went on to become a more successful passenger airline than Vietnam’s flag carrier, Vietnam Airlines. Launched in 2007, the airline was only catering to a handful of domestic destinations before it expanded into the industry giant that it is today. The company offers 120 destinations as of today. She is an entrepreneur who has defied stereotypes and broken down barriers. She is a true trailblazer. 

digital marketing in Malaysia

These inspiring women have been making strides and defying limitations since they’ve entered the world of marketing. However, in order to become who they are today, they had to start somewhere. They needed to find a low risk-high reward safety net that would allow them to learn about marketing and digital marketing. Women who are interested in digital marketing in Malaysia can check out Republic Marketing in order to learn more about marketing. 

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